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Barcelona assumes CHANGE network Chair

We are pleased to announce that Barcelona has accepted our invitation to serve as the new CHANGE Chair, passed on from Mexico City who served as chair of the network from 2022-2024.

Barcelona Councillor Raquel Gil joined the network’s monthly call in February to share the news, and Mayor Jaume Collboni announced the new role in the video below.

Watch Mayor JAume Collboni’s official announcement here

Barcelona’s commitment to gender equality began in 1991 with its first Municipal Plan for Women. For more than 30 years now, Barcelona has been a pioneer in the field of gender equality

Barcelona is one of the few Spanish cities with a regulation for gender equality in its City Council. This internal regulation, passed in 2018, is the main legal instrument for theCouncil to apply gender mainstreaming. It is based on the contributions made over the last few decades by the city’s women and feminist movements and results from  the incorporation of goals and tools provided in international, European, Spanish and Catalan legislation.

The City has demonstrated what a serious approach to feminist governance looks like, elevating the standards for us all.From SARA, the specialized service for addressing gender-based violence, the Women’s Information and Assistance Points, or the LIDERA program for professional women, executives, and entrepreneurs, and the Center for Masculinities – Barcelona is leading in the fight for gender equality by innovating municipal services for women. In this way, Barcelona is responding to the needs of all its citizens and enabling  a comprehensive approach to gender inequalities and discrimination.

We will convene in our new hometown in June for our Annual Summit, where we plan to prepare our 2024 – 2025 strategy and visit a small portion of the city’s wide array of impressive programs serving women, girls, and people with non-binary gender identities.

“Barcelona is proud to take on a leadership role in a network that recognizes and promotes the role of cities as main actors at the international level in the fight for equality.”

Barcelona Mayor Jaume Collboni

CHANGE is an organization meant not only for the exchange of knowledge but also as a practical tool that allows member cities to test solutions and access valuable resources to improve their own policies and services. Advancing together towards a fairer world for everyone.

City: Barcelona

Photo of Barcelona skyline

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