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How the City of Melbourne is bringing Gender Equity to life

Considered one of the most livable cities in the world, Melbourne is celebrated for its culture and events, parks and gardens, architecture, food scene and more. In order to deliver its promise of “endless possibilities” to all residents, city officials created a number of policies and plans that seek to make Melbourne equitable for all, including women, girls, and gender diverse people. 

Through the city’s Inclusive Melbourne Strategy, Gender Equality Action Plan and Women’s Safety and Empowerment Action Plan, the City of Melbourne is working with communities and cross-sector stakeholders to advance and localise the Gender Equality Act of 2020.

Under Theme 1 of its Women’s Safety and Empowerment Action Plan, “Advancing Women and Gender Diverse People’s Leadership and Participation in the Economic, Social and Civic Life Across the Municipality”, City of Melbourne is creating place names to celebrate notable women who have impacted Melbourne. They’re also piloting free period care products in public facilities and working with the private sector to question and address toxic gender norms in different sectors. 

In another theme “Promoting the Safety of Women and Gender Diverse People in our Communities and Public Spaces”, City of Melbourne has introduced the “women who walk” project inviting walking groups to parks to discuss how these green spaces can be more accessible and welcoming for female residents. Another initiative, “Project Night Justice”, is a campaign to help make Melbourne’s streets safer after dark by working with late night venues. 

The action plan also aims to “Engage Men and Boys to Shift Unhealthy Norms of Masculinity and Condoning of Violence”, by educating boys and men to treat others with respect and care. The City of Melbourne brings in other actions under its final theme “Achieving Sustainable Primary Prevention for our Municipality” by working with local community groups to develop their own gender equity programs. 

Listen in as Nancy Pierorazio, Senior Policy Officer Diversity and Equality in Melbourne, introduces her city’s Inclusive Strategy and Women’s Empowerment Plan at the 2022 CHANGE Annual Summit. 

This story is part of the 2023 International Women’s Day post. Click here, to see how other CHANGE cities are advancing gender equity around the world!

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