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Elimination of violence

The Women’s Secretariat designs, coordinates, implements, executes and monitors policies for the promotion of women’s rights, prevention of the various types of violence against women, attention to their demands and needs, incorporation of the gender perspective in plans, programs and projects and their articulation at the local and district levels, as well as awareness, education and training processes for women, ensuring that all women can enjoy a life free of violence.  

We have created and strengthened services where women need us, to guide, assist and guarantee access to justice in an immediate, efficient and humane manner. All our services are free and are for ALL women, in all their differences and diversity, without exception. 

We have 24-hour services to guide, listen and enter the care route for women victims of violence.  

District Purple Line: This is a free telephone hotline that operates 24 hours a day, every day of the year and is staffed by a team of psychologists, social workers, lawyers and nurses. It is directed to women over 18 years of age who identify that they are living a situation of violence. Citizens who are aware of a situation of violence can also contact the center. 

Team of lawyers in the public network of Hospitals of Bogota: In addition to receiving immediate health care, women victims of violence have our legal support in the activation of routes of access to justice.  

In addition, we have socio-legal counseling and guidance in Immediate Reaction Units: we have a team of social workers, lawyers and psychologists in 4 URI’s in the city, who accompany women in the complaint process, thus guaranteeing their right of access to justice.  

These services are in addition to others, which we have strengthened and in which women can find counseling or support for their cases: 

We have a team of lawyers who can represent women in their legal cases, free of charge.   Psychosocial Duplicate Teams: Specialized service that guarantees access to psychosocial care in addressing violence against women in the city. They accompany women in situations of violence who are at risk of femicide, have mobility difficulties or face barriers to access institutional services. 

Team of Psychojuridical Duples: They accompany women victims of violence in public spaces and public transportation, providing psychosocial support and guiding them to the routes of access to justice.   

In Bogota we invite women to take the first step, we accompany them to take the second. 

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