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Built Environment

In a male-dominated society, “gender-neutral” public infrastructure often defers to the needs of the male body and social roles. Adding a gender lens to policies that govern public spaces and infrastructure can create safer environments for women to live, work, play, and participate in civic life. 

CHANGE currently does not have quantitative indicators for our “Built Environment” impact area. Measuring the extent of gender mainstreaming in infrastructure planning and design is challenging, and we are working with member cities to identify shared quantitative indicators that could be used to measure safety, access, and use of physical infrastructure, including WASH facilities and public spaces.

We do, however, collect qualitative indicators for this impact area that you can check out in our policy library. Here is what CHANGE considers when trying to understand how women, girls, and people with non-binary gender identities experience the built environment:

  • What We Measure:

    Built Environment

    1. Do the public facilities in your city have child changing facilities and designated breastfeeding areas?

    2. Does the city provide 24-hour Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) facilities for free public use?

    3. Is public transportation infrastructure planned with a gender perspective?

    4. Do public transit stops and vehicles have safety features and protocol to prevent gender-based violence and sexual harassment?

    5. Does the city provide operational emergency shelters and/or transitional housing facilities specifically tailored to women and/or underrepresented genders who are victims of violence?

Case Study from Tokyo

Through its “Baby Flat” project, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government promotes the establishment of spaces where people with small children can feed and change their babies near children’s centers and public facilities in order to make it easier for families to go out.

  • 1,592

    facilities are publicly listed in Tokyo to help families plan their outings

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