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The City of Stockholm is Sweden’s largest municipality and home to over 980,000 people. The city’s employees work to provide the citizens of Stockholm with services based on decisions made by the City council, committees and company boards.

Stockholm’s vision is to be a gender equal city where all—no matter their sex—have the same power to be a part of society and shape their own lives. The city is using gender mainstreaming and targeted interventions to reach their vision.

Welcome to the City of Stockholm! Stockholms stad (

mayor Karin Wanngård

Stockholm – A woman’s place

The city is marketing itself as “A woman’s place”. With positive attitudes towards equality, strong discrimination laws and modern industries full of forward-thinking companies, we believe there is no better place than Stockholm for talented women to thrive. Learn more

Inclusive City Planning

Stockholm is leading the way in inclusive city planning. From schools and playgrounds, to housing, culture and the outdoor environment, the City is creating spaces that welcome everyone. Learn more

district mothers

The City District Mothers, or Stadsdelsmammor, is a community-based project to integrate immigrants into city life. Women with their own experience of being new to Sweden give courage, information and a sense of security to other women in their communities. Since the start of the project in 2017, more than forty women have been given fixed-term municipal employment as district mothers in eight district administrations. Learn more

tackling gender-based violence

In the City of Stockholm, no one should be afraid to become subjected to violence and Stockholm has a vision to be a city free from gender-based violence. Reaching this goal is in the center of attention to reach social sustainability and a gender equal city. 

Residents may receive help and support from the social services if you are subjected to violence yourself, if you worry about someone else being subjected to violence or if you want help to stop your violent behavior.  Residents may access shelters, therapy, support in legal proceedings and community information from four centers spaced throughout the city. Learn more

Mentors in violence prevention programme

In Stockholm, the work of combating gender-based violence begins in primary school. The City’s Mentors in Violence Prevention program, Mentorer i Våldsprevention, challenges students & school administrators to address the root cause of gender violence to make long-term change.  The programme is run in cooperation with an NGO called MÄN. Learn more

highlighting hidden and forgotten women

A city’s archives collection preserves history, curating the story of its people. The Stockholm City Archives is working to highlight hidden and forgotten women from its collections, ensuring women and men have equal space in the history of the city. Learn More

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