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Barcelona’s commitment to gender equality began in 1991 with its first Municipal Plan for Women. For more than 30 years now, Barcelona has been a pioneer in the field of gender equality. After that first strategic plan, Barcelona City Council has drawn up seven more: the Municipal Plan for Women (1995-1999), two Municipal Programmes for Women (2001-2005 and 2005-2011), the Municipal Plan for Real and Effective Equal Opportunities between Women and Men (2011-2015) and the First and Second Plans for Gender Justice (2016-2020 and 2021-2025).

With every one of these steps, Barcelona has moved forward towards a more egalitarian city that has emphasized women’s health, culture, sports and employment, among others; and at the same time, it has transformed the municipal structure itself with the development of gender clauses in public procurement, gender budget as well a specific regulations.

Barcelona is a founding member of CHANGE and assumed the role of Chair in 2024.

mayor jaume collboni
Check out the video Above to hear Mayor Collboni Address Officially assuming CHANGE Chair.

Barcelona is one of the few Spanish cities having a Regulation for gender equality in the City Council. This internal Regulation, passed in 2018, is the main legal instrument of Barcelona City Council to apply gender mainstreaming. It is based on the contributions made over the last few decades by the city’s women and feminist movements and it is also the result of the incorporation of goals and tools provided for in international, European, Spanish State and Catalan legislation.

Currently in the process of being designed, the next Barcelona’s Feminist Policies Plan will take over from its predecessors with the aim of becoming Barcelona City Council’s main instrument of action for the elimination of gender inequalities in the city. This plan is the result of an open and plural dialogue in which a very large number of feminist organizations and women’s groups in the city have participated, raising needs and proposals to advance equality between women and men in the city.

Barcelona is also leading the fight for gender equality by innovating in care and support services for women that sets a comprehensive approach to inequalities and discrimination based on gender. Within this framework, some of our most relevant public services for gender equality are the following ones:

Assistance, Recovery and Attention Service (SARA)

This is a citywide service that offers specific ambulatory care to victims of gender violence (women, children and adolescents, and LGBTI people, or people from their close circle directly affected by this violence). It also offers advice to professionals.

Plural, Centre of Masculinities

A municipal facility aimed at the male population that seeks to promote more open, respectful and healthy relationship models. Precisely because men are also gendered, reflecting on the impacts that certain ways of being men have on their own lives, and changing them, will advance the path towards gender equality.

LIDERA Programme

Barcelona Activa, Barcelona’s City Council Economic Agency, actively fosters women’s inclusion in employment and business. To take a step further towards gender equality, the LIDERA Programme was launched: an expanded range of programmes and activities to help all women, (professionals, managers and entrepreneurs) who want to grow professionally. LIDERA offers from different training programmes to improve professional skills, to several tools to take on new professional challenges, and support to create viable business through intensive programmes, workshops and seminars.

Unit against Human Trafficking (UTEH)

Is for anybody who is a victim of this crime, be they minors or adults, with comprehensive care, regardless of the type of exploitation. The service provides: advice for professionals, social assistance, psychological assistance, legal assistance and representation and safe shelter in coordination with other specialist services.

Barcelona Care Centre

Is a leading city facility that aims to act as a link between services, programmes and resources relating to care work. It works in coordination with all the stakeholders in the territory and addresses the diversity of groups that provide and receive care in Barcelona. It offers information about care for dependent persons and practical support, employment and training, legal advice and emotional support and activities for carers.

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