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Founded in 2020, the City Hub and Network for Gender Equity is the world’s first international network led by cities and dedicated exclusively to the pursuit of gender equity.

Working at closer proximity to their residents than any other level of government, municipal leaders understand their local contexts and are essential in building equitable communities. Time and time again, cities have been leaders in combating global challenges ranging from climate change, immigration, public health, and racial and wealth inequalities. CHANGE brings together cities that are seeking to remove barriers and expand opportunities for women, girls and people with non-binary gender identities.

how we work

CHANGE is a learning hub for local governments to exchange and iterate on strategies that advance gender equity in their communities. In doing so, our network fosters trust and collaboration between policy makers to create feminist societies. 

The day-to-day operations of CHANGE are led by a Secretariat that works closely with policy leads from our member cities and partners. CHANGE’s city representatives include its elected leaders and experts from across city departments and agencies, bringing together a range of perspectives into the network. We leverage the expertise from among our member cities by assembling working groups of city personnel with topical knowledge relevant to each project. The network positions key issues at major events and uses these platforms to showcase model practices.

CHANGE also convenes gender experts from around the world to advise on pressing issues, design and roll out qualitative urban research, and collect and analyze gender data using our data indicator system.

Our network is supported by a fiscal sponsor, the Global Philanthropy Partnership, a Chicago-based non-profit organization that promotes strategic global philanthropy, awareness of global development issues, and sustainability initiatives

Member Cities

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